Love: the highest form of love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God. "Not to be confused with "philēo" – brotherly love – agápē embraces a universal, unconditional love that transcends, that serves regardless of circumstances.

Epitomising the essence of Agape Generation really is a difficult task because it is still a dream to us. It’s an endeavour of faith for my husband Jonathan and I. And We get the feeling it’ll be like that for as long as it lasts.

But really my heart started stirring with this concept in November 2015, after the terror attacks that took place in Paris. Although this was not the first attack that of its kind, unfortunately it wasn’t even the worst, but this one shook me. Out of nowhere I was suddenly totally aware that just because things aren’t happening on my doorstep, their occurrence is not negated. And honestly? I found it terrifying. Call me dramatic, but in floods of tears on a call to my mum I had never felt so helpless.

I suddenly realised that we had to do better, we as humans beings had to BE better, love more, love HARDER. I started to get the feeling that we needed to SEE each other. That helpless feeling slowly evaporated and I realised that one person, doing one positive thing, is better than a billion people doing nothing.


I began to wonder, what would our planet be like, if we all saw PEOPLE when we looked at each other, not just faces. Jesus asked this exact question in Luke 7:44 to His disciples, when they were questioning the unusual behaviour of a sorrowful woman. He said “Do you see this woman?” And I finally understood what He meant. If we saw PEOPLE with lives, with parents, with children. If we saw that man that walked passed us as somebodies son, brother, or husband, rather than just a walking suit. What would happen? If we had enough grace to believe that everyone around us has a story that has contributed and lead up to the very moment you laid eyes on them.


So, what I hope to achieve at Agape Generation, is to encourage a cohort of individuals to love without their hearts. Love without fear, to love when it doesn’t make sense. Love at an inconvenience, love without judgement. Grow a generation that love like they SEE PEOPLE, love like they really see them.

In the coming months, the Agape Generation team will be putting on various events in order to begin the process of meeting some of the targets listed above, more information will be given out closer to the commencement of these events, and information will be given on how you can volunteer. However, it would mean everything to us, if you would be a part of this movement too, because we know we can’t achieve these targets alone. We would love to see the things you do, that demonstrate you ‘losing your heart’ to love someone. Post about your endeavour on Instagram and then follow and tag @agapegeneration, to help inspire others to do just the same.

Thank you so much for taking this step of faith with me, and coming along for the ride.

I love you, let’s make this amazing.

Agape x

© 2019 by Deborah Newbould for Agape Generation UK.