August 1, 2016


I made you free, but why don't you believe me? 


Freedom is not a lifestyle it's a blood type. It's in your DNA. 


Why do you hold on to chains I cut you loose from? 


You were free the second you said 'I believe' 


But you still don't believe ME. 


You don't believe that I'm never going to leave. You're waiting for me to go. 


I know you've been left before, but that wasn't me, and it never will be.


Don't hold me to the standard of people that were NEVER worthy to hold you. 


I'm closer than you think I am, and closer than you ever thought I would be. 


But you have to believe. 


You have to believe that I mean everything I say. 


You have to believe what I say about you. 


Believe that you're chosen, and have no reason to be afraid. 


Believe that your gift will change the world. 


Believe that I've erased your past. 


Believe it has no bearing on your future. 


Believe that I love you to the point of death. 


Believe that I monitor your every breath. 


Believe that I've made you perfect. 


Believe that You. Are. Beautiful. 


Deborah, I need you to believe that I'm going to stay. I promise. I promise you, Im staying. 


So Stop fighting, breathe, and just believe. 


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© 2019 by Deborah Newbould for Agape Generation UK.