August 8, 2016


People ask me why I do it, they ask me why I follow

They want to know what my motivation is

They want to see my proof

They want to know why even though I don’t have it all together, I smile as though one day it WILL all be put together.

They don’t understand why I’m hanging on by the threads of my soul to the love that you’ve promised you have for me.

They can’t see why I’m here holding on to the idea that you never left me, and you never will.

But what they don’t know is that I’m staring at the proof of your love, by the fact that you crossed the barrier between heaven and earth to come and get me.

To give me a chance to believe what you said, to believe how you said you felt about me.

So now I get to live, really live

In the abundance of the most tangible love that can’t be found outside of you.

A love that crossed dimensions,

A love that walked on seas

A love that destroyed death

A love that found paradise in the brokenness of my heart

The way you feel about me is tattooed on your palms and on your side, it can’t be mistaken.

Terrified, I give my heart to you because you’re the only one who knows how to love it, the only one that knows how to love me.

The only one that knew how to love me to a surrender.

And I do surrender.

My knees hit the ground and I saw exactly who you are

I got a glimpse of who you made me to be

This is my God, full of grace

The man of sorrows, who bought me such joy.

So I’ll tell them that I am walking towards the victory that you have promised, holding your hand and singing, because through the fire and rain, there is nowhere else I want to be.

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© 2019 by Deborah Newbould for Agape Generation UK.