Four Letters

August 13, 2016


Four letters spell out a word that we seem to have lost the meaning of. We don't really understand because it's been tainted, 


It's been tainted with promises that were never kept, 


And wounds that were inflicted by those who didn't have the tools to use it. 




But I can tell you I'm figuring it out because I'm in love with the one who epitomises everything it was designed to be. 


He knocked a letter off death and re-spelled it as love.


He chose to hurt with me through pain I inflicted on myself 


 As He hung on the cross the Father took His eyes off the perfect one so he could fix His eyes on me. 


His love for me resurrects what I thought I could never get back. 

Pieces of my heart that had been taken away, He won back with his death and loved them back together. 


You will not find anything that compares I can tell you that much.  


He laid down His life for me while I still hated Him.While I hammered the nails and pierced his side with my sin, this is a love that was obedient even until death. 


My sin put Him up there on the cross, but His love for me made Him choose to stay. 


His love has changed me Into something I didn't think I could be. He's loved out the darkness. He's loved out the hate. He's so in love with me I am convinced of it.  


He showed me His love, He gave me a rose. He made me a rose. No scratch that HE rose. 


He came to fight for me and He won. He won. It wasn't even close, He hung His head in death so I could lift mine in hope. 


He knew that I would need Him more than anything, He knew He couldn't afford to stay in the grave so He didn't. His love for me brought him right through death. 


The greatest romance ever documented. From the greatest love story ever written. 


The one who loves my broken pieces, loved me in the dirt. 


Gave me hope through my sorrow and life when the only reachable destination was death. 


How sweet the sound of a saviour that saw my disaster as love enough to leave paradise. Because to Him, I am paradise. 


My saviour came for me. Like He said he would. 


Now nothing can tell me otherwise. This is the meaning of agape. 


Nothing can keep His love from me.  You can ask death. 


I am covered with a peace that won't let go. 


A passion that makes me drop to my knees when I even attempt to think about it. 


He is my everything. And I will sing forever because He gave me back the voice I so desperately longed for and loved me back into song. 


I'll sing forever. To the only one my heart desires. With everything I am. With everything I have. 


Now, tomorrow, forever.

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© 2019 by Deborah Newbould for Agape Generation UK.