September 24, 2016


"The Lord your God is like a flaming fire; he tolerates no rivals.”

‭‭Deuteronomy ‭4:24‬




One thing I have grown to know is that everything in life has a rival. You can find rivalries in anything, sport, comics, entertainment even geographical location, And what's more, we have to choose as side. Oh yes, you can't support Arsenal and Tottenham, that could get you committed. Pick one. You can't be from the North an the South, pick one. God forbid you enjoy playing both Xbox AND PlayStation, no, pick one. 


But sometimes it is safe to admit, that with some things? There is absolutely no competition. I remember sitting in a lecture once with some friends, and I'm not a comic book fan but I thought I would ask, I said... 'In a fight between Spider-Man and Superman, who would win?' I have never been greeted with looks of such offence and disgust at anytime in my life prior to this. My friend looked at me in disbelief and responded 'Are you okay?! Superman would slap Spider-Man!' He then went on to explain to me that the reason why my question was met with such disgust, was because Superman is not rivaled by Spider-Man. There is no comparison, Superman is superior in every way. 


But we don't live in a comic, It's even harder to find things without rival in the actual world. Everything is challenged. However Deuteronomy 4:24 says


 "The Lord your God is like a flaming fire; he tolerates no rivals.” 


This immediately tells us that the God we serve, the God that watches over us, the God that sent heaven to earth to come and get us, the God that has been in an endless pursuit of our affection since before we took out first breath, is not rivaled by anything or anyone. He has no enemy. (Leaving room here for your mind to be blown). Yes the God we call FATHER is not in  competition with anything or anyone. He has no equal. There is nothing, on earth, above or under it, that is even of suitable caliber to challenge Him. 


So what does that mean for us? It means that even though we have an enemy, and we have plenty of rivals, the one who is fighting for us, does not. He is not rivaled by Death, shame, guilt, sickness, anxiety, brokenness,  darkness, financial difficulties or fear. He beat DEATH. The only thing that has ever come close to challenging Him, He took the spoils in the greatest fight in history. And if we have Him on our side, our rivals shouldn't scare us either. They look scary to us, but not to Him. 


So my advice? When it comes to choosing sides? Pick the side of the one who has never been defeated. Choose to give Him your attention and not your rivals. He is so much greater than anything we ever come up against. 


So get some rest, let Him deal with your rivals, because they most certainly are not His. 






Agape x 


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