October 28, 2016




Proverbs 27:19 - As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart'


Confession time: One of my ultimate pet peeves, is a dirty mirror. Oh my goodness, be it fingerprints or toothpaste, going into a mirror and not being able to see my reflection as clearly as the mirror intended does my head in. This is a problem, when there are children in your house. Because over time, what you start to notice is, that because you are taller than the children in question, you find that the level you look in the mirror from is spotless. However, crouch down, you'll soon see an absolute abomination of mess, where they have been able to get their sticky little fingers, causing anxiety for anyone that feels the way about mirrors that I feel. A clean mirror is of paramount importance to me, because if its smudged or dirty, I, or anyone else who interacts with this mirror, will have no idea of their actual appearance in that moment. The only way to prevent this inconvenience reoccurring is to (you guessed it) regularly clean your mirrors people!


But what I find so interesting, is that one way or another we all serve as mirrors. Stay with me. Proverbs 27:19 says ‘As water reflects the face, so one's life reflects the heart’. This says to me that the Psalmist wants us to consider the state of our heart, because what is in our heart will ultimately bleed out, and create a mirror image of its condition in our everyday lives. The heart is a big topic in scripture, one of the most famous verses actually comes again from Proverbs 4:23 and it says, ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it’. If we leave our hearts open to bitterness, un-forgiveness, poisonous relationships, relentless critiquing of ourselves and others, we are adding smudges to this ‘metaphorical mirror’ and it will show in the way we live, there is no hiding from it.


Are you following?

How other people feel after interacting with us is also an indicator of how dirty our mirrors are. Do they walk away feeling empowered, or better about themselves? Do they understand their worth more? Can they see what God has put in them through their interactions with us? Do they see the things they need to work on? Areas in their lives where they need to make a positive change? Or do they walk away feeling defeated and questioning the authenticity of their interaction with us. Are our mirrors so dirty that they didn't get a true reflection of who they are? And walk away from us questioning their worth? All These questions are so important. We have all spoken to someone with a ‘Dirty Mirror’ and walked away feeling absolutely worthless. I can only hope WE don’t want to be someone who causes that feeling for anyone else.


And I totally understand, like in the illustration above, sometimes it wasn’t us that dirtied our mirror. We have ended up with a tainted and unauthentic view of ourselves because we have allowed others to leave their dirty fingerprints all over us, with their words, opinions and actions. We haven’t seen the real us in years because our mirror is dirty. But it’s okay, because the cleaner is full proof.  


The opinion of God, our heavenly father is the ultimate smudge buster. Somebody called you ugly? Wipe off that smudge because Ephesians 2:10 says ‘You are a masterpiece’, Psalm 139:14 says you are ‘Fearfully and wonderfully made’, get cleaning. Somebody told you that you have no future? My smudgebuster begs to differ, Isiah 29:11 tells us that God KNOWS the plans that he has for us and our future, and they are pretty epic. You’re smudging your own mirror because you can’t get beyond the things you have done in the past? Romans 8:1 says ‘For now there is NO condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus’. Stock up your cleaning supplies by daily going through the amazing things that your God thinks about you. And when you get really good at it, you’ll be able to help others clean up their mirrors too.


You’ve got this.




Agape x

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