December 31, 2016



Isiah 54:10 – “For even if the mountains walk away, and the hills fall to pieces. My love won’t walk away from you. My promise of peace will not fall apart.”


Whether we know it or not, we all have a mountain, some of us have several. They are things we rely on, or hide behind. They are the things in our life that appear unmovable and are certain to us. They can be good, or bad. Maybe your mountain is something you’re good at? Your mountain could be something that is less desirable than a talent, maybe your mountain is an affliction of some kind. Something you have become so accustomed to, that it has become a part of you, and although it may be hard to admit, life without it is more frightening than life with it.


I’ll be the first to admit, that my mountain was football. I fell in love with football as a 7-year-old girl and I never looked back. What began as a hobby became the thing that my life revolved around. It affected my mood, I scheduled my day around it, even to this day, you will never catch me at any moment where I am not completely up to date with everything football. It just doesn’t happen. After a while, football became the only place where I attached any worth to myself. I didn’t realise it at the time, but this talent I had developed, had built me a perfect, very large mountain to hide behind. My friends used to say to me ‘the only thing you ever open up to is a football’. And they were exactly right. I was happy with my mountain.


The likelihood is you are too.  With good reason. But what happens when the thing you have spent your life running to isn’t there anymore? What if the singing voice fades? The relationship ends, the person you hold so dear hurts you. What happens when your mountain comes crumbling down, and your world comes with it? This happened to me, during a football match for my university team, I found myself on the end of a career ending tackle. And if I can be honest for a second, I had never felt more insecure.


Unfortunately, this is the way it goes, anything that we build ourselves up with on earth, can fade. It’s in the small print of any mountain. However, Isiah 54:10 says “For even if the mountains walk away, and the hills fall to pieces. My love won’t walk away from you. My promise of peace will not fall apart”. The comfort available in this scripture is evident. God, the one who is everlasting, the one who gives us worth, cannot fade. His promises are unending. And if we will let him, he will show us worth that we didn’t know we had.


So, what if in 2017, we decided to lay our mountains down. Trade the things we hide behind, for the freedom found in a loving father. The freedom to be exactly who He called us to be. No questions asked, no strings attached. And the best part? He already told us in Isiah that his love and acceptance is eternal, it’s not something we have to strive for.


I’m praying for every single one of you, that 2017 is a year that is full of healing, love and an unexplained peace.



Happy New year, from the Agape Generation team. We love you so much.



Agape x

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