December 31, 2016




You wouldn't be wrong if you looked at me and still saw a mess.


If you still saw someone who didn't have it together,


Someone who still cries, someone who still hurts,


someone who is still searching for healing from a heart that's been broken for so long, they can't identify the person who broke it.


This, is all true.


But one thing that remains even still?


The victory that came with the uncompromising triumph of that rugged cross.


The supernatural act of a God so in love that he traded blinding glory for crippling shame.


Did the Something that changed everything.


Because of which I've resolved that Even though I'm still walking through my pain I can have every confidence that the journey won't be long.


He's still here.


So Even still I'll scream about the perfect one that rescued me from myself


Still I'll look through my HELL and see a heaven created.

I'll follow the one that couldn't stay in hell, the one that rose and he took me with him.


Still I’ll run towards death and not flinch because I run with the one that took away it's sting.


Still in my dark I'll look towards the Son that never sets. That's where I'll draw my strength. Even still.


Still my fear is frozen in the presence of the prince of peace. There is no fear in him so there is no fear in me.


Still I believe that the one who breached the barrier of paradise to take my hand is not going to leave me.


Still, with my arms held high and eyes full of tears, still with a broken heart, I'll worship the one that normalises the miraculous.


Still I'll believe He's coming back for me.


Eternally he has my praise. Now, even still.


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