What's in a name?

March 30, 2018

What’s in a name?




What could be found in these five letters that make it worth calling in my darkest moments?


When I’m dead and buried? When I’m drowning?


When I’m walking through the fire?


When I’m standing toe to toe with the liar?


When I’m being accused and have no defence?


When I have no tender to pardon my offence?


Upon calling His name what have I found?


What is it that beckons when His name travels through sound?


What’s in the name, Jesus?


What I know for sure is that the earth will shake and tremble at His name.


The mountains will have to bow at His name.


The night will turn to day at His name.


The stakes are always raised at His name.


The red sea will have to part at His name.


The sun will have to stand still at His name.



The veil will tear in two at His name.


Chains have no choice but to break at His name.


Every knee will have to bow at His name.


The dead will come to life at His name.


Sickness will have to leave my body at His name.


Mourning bows down to joy at His name.


Goodness and Mercy HAVE to follow me at His name.


His name saved me, His name changed me, His name raised me.


He rose out of a grave that had been dug for me.


He walked across the waters to rescue me from my violent sea.


He left paradise to show me His love.


He went above and beyond, He always does.


So what’s in a name? The name above every name? The name that conquered death, the name that unlocked heaven. The name that fit God in a man. The name that stretched through heaven with His hands.


It’s all in a name, Jesus.






Agape x 


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