The Fight

March 1, 2019




The Fight. 




The lord will fight for you, you need only be still. - Exodus 14:14


I actually didn’t mind school growing up. Yeah there were some times that were challenging but i think overall its fair to say that I had a relatively positive school experience. However, the times where I did run into trouble or have altercations at school, you BETTER BELIEVE that Stella King would appear at those school gates before I got a chance to finish telling her the story. To the point that my teachers would actually get scared when they saw her coming at parents evening... Don’t get my wrong, my mum was very strict with us when it came to education, and expected nothing less than excellence from us. We were required to do our part, but trust that my mother was ready fora fight if any injustice whatsoever was shown to us. We got so embarrassed at a point, she would just go to our teachers without telling us! There was absolutely no way if we had been hurt at school, that my mum wouldn’t march through those gates and fight on our behalf what was too much for our strength. 


I cant help but get a picture of God when I think about the way that my mum handled our altercations at school. Ill be honest with you

 ? Some of the trouble i got into was my fault! But she still came, ready to defend me whenever i needed. This is what i believe God does on out behalf. There are battles that we cant fight alone, obstacles that we can not get through without his help. However very occasionally, there will be times when he tells us to lay down our weapons altogether, and watch him defend us, His children. 


Our scripture for today comes from the book of Exodus. Which in itself means ‘Exit’, so you get the idea of the running theme of this book. Yes, God was about to deliver the Israelites out of 430 years of slavery, in a way that had never been seen before and will never be seen again. On their escape from Egypt, the King who kept them captive and all his armies realised what he was letting go and decided to chase them. With the Israelites running for their lives, the read sea stood between them and freedom. The problem was that there were a million of them. Literally a million, and they weren’t standing in front of a pond, or a lake, they were standing in front of the sea. The bible doesn’t recall how they were feeling, but put yourselves in their position and i bet you can begin to imagine. 


What is most interesting to me about this story is what Moses (inspired by God) said to them as they stood with death on both sides. Exodus 14:14 says ‘The lord will fight for you, you need only be still’. Following this the Read sea parts clean in two and a million plus Israelites walk through completely safe and on dry ground. What? How do we in our finite minds even begin to fathom this miracle? 


It doesn’t make sense, and it shouldn’t. God didn’t ask them to fight, he didn’t ask them if they could swim, he didn’t ask them to build a boat, he was completely unconcerned with their. Ability or lack there of to get themselves out of the situation. The only thing on the mind of our Heavenly Father was that his children were in trouble and needed rescuing, no questions asked, no conditions. Just love. I believe wholeheartedly that this is how God see’s us. When we are overwhelmed, tired, afraid, anxious, facing a battle we know that we have no business fighting, God is right there ready and at the rescue. The only thing he asked of us was to ‘be still’. 


Please don’t misunderstand the heart behind what I’m communicating here. Don’t get me wrong, my mother expected excellence from her children at school. There was an expectation that we did everything we could to adhere to this because she told us we were special and set apart. Called to a higher standard and should aim for the best. Because we were her children. I don’t believe God is any different. We are the apple of his eye and the object of his affection. He has called us to a higher standard, he sent is son Jesus so we could believe we could walk through this life in this world without being consumed by it. We didn’t always get it right, but my mum had grace for us when we didn’t. How much more grace does our Good God have for us when we make mistakes? 


So if the situation you’re in looks like death on both sides, if you’ve done everything you can, if the outcome is completely out of your control? Put your weapons down and rest. Rest in then fact that you are a child of the living God who will always come to your rescue. He’ll fight for you, just be still.   


 We love you 


Agape x


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