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April 12, 2020









Why do you look for the living among the dead? He’s not here, he is risen! Luke 24:5-6 


I played a lot of football when I was at school, it was my life. Football training for everyone was on Tuesdays, football training for the school team was on Wednesdays and football matches were on Thursdays. So three out of 5 school days a week I was taking my football kit to school. I was rarely without it. Until one day my mum asked me to bring my football kit down for washing, and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I turned my house completely upside down and I couldn’t find it! My mum and I concluded that I must have left it in school. I couldn’t sleep thinking I’d lost my favourite football shirt and boots. The next day I raced to school early, I looked in the cloak rooms, the changing rooms, the classrooms. I searched the playground, the field and I even looked in the caretakers office! Sick with worry that they were lost forever (I was born dramatic) I sat in the caretakers office and cried my eyes out. Just then, Mr T (best caretaker in the universe) sat next to me, gave me a tissue and said ‘have you checked the lost & found?’ 


Needless to say that was exactly where it was, right on the top, looking up at me. The relief that swept over my body was overwhelming. But more than relief, I remember that I felt a little frustration. WHY had I not checked the lost and found first?! I knew that’s exactly where items that were left behind went. But instead, I tore my bedroom to pieces and made a colossal mess, lost a whole nights sleep over it and spent unnecessary energy running around school trying to find it. When I dug deeper into the lost and found, I found things I didn’t even know that I had lost! A hoodie and my glasses case! What I know now, is that I spent a lot of time, energy and emotion looking in places my football kit was never going to be, when I knew deep down exactly where to look. 


When I read the resurrection story my mind always ends up wondering to the women who went to visit Jesus’ body on that Sunday. You can read the story in the gospels. There was an earthquake and lighting when they got there. If all that wasn’t scary enough an angel appeared too! Trembling and terrified they were asked what I think is one of the most profound questions in all of the bible. ‘Why do you look for the living among the dead? He’s not here, he is risen! Luke 24:5-6 . I’m paraphrasing here but in other gospels that question is followed by ‘just like he said he would’. Then it goes on to say that instantly, the women remembered what Jesus has said. 


Why are you looking for the living among the dead? Why are you turning relationships upside down, exhausting yourself searching in places you’re never going to find what you’ve lost and loosing sleep too? 


Could it be that you’re looking for your peace in the wrong place? You’re looking for an answer to your anxiety where it can’t be found? You’re searching for your salvation in the wrong place? Your value in the wrong place, your identity in the wrong place, someone who’ll love you completely in the wrong place? There is only one place where what you have lost can be found. And that’s in Jesus Christ. 


The ladies that were looking for Jesus weren’t wrong to go to the tomb, that’s where they last saw Jesus. But they had forgotten what he said. He told them he wouldn’t be there on the third day. You aren’t wrong for attempting to go back to the last known location of what you lost. But if you don’t find it there? Ask Jesus to remind you where to find it. Ask him to bring back to your memory what he’s already said to you. Remind you where to put your anxiety when it’s overwhelming (1 Peter 5:7), remind you where to find whole and complete acceptance (Romans 3:24). Ask him to bring back to your mind where to find him when your spirit is crushed (Psalm 34:18), ask him what he said to do when you’re running out of hope (psalm 42:11).  Ask him to tell you where to look for your help (Psalm 121:1). 


But if you’re in a pinch time and you need to know where to look right now? I can tell you for sure, you’ll find everything you’ve lost, everything you need, everything you’ve ever wanted, In Jesus. Because Jesus didn’t stay dead, we don’t have to look for what’s living where there is no life. When you look in the lost and found that is the saviour of the world and the lover of your soul? I promise you you’ll find things you didn’t even know you had lost. 


So with that we say happy Easter to you. Remember that on this day, Jesus overcame death, so that whenever you loose anything, big or small, there is always a place for it to be found. If you don’t know Jesus, and you would like to, please contact us, the details are on our homepage and we would be delighted to give you some more information about the one who loves you perfectly. The one who died for you, but didn’t stay dead. The one who didn’t count what it would cost for you, even though it cost him everything. 


We love you 






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